Classic Package
   Project Package
   On-line Payment
 NTD5000 per hour for overtime photo shoot service (15 minutes OT is regarded as 1 hour)
NTD3000 for appointing a photographer or a stylist
Some outdoor scenes may require entrance fees, parking or toll charge (about NTD500 ~ NTD2500 for a crew )
 The photo shooting day could be rearranged with an additional NTD2000 make-up fee in case of rain. Or you may change the photographing day before putting on the make-up without any extra charge.
A handmade bouquet will be provided on the photographing day; you can self prepare or check with your coordinator for quotation
Transportation is excluded from the package. Please use the transportation company appointed by Romantic Life for outdoor photo shoot. The cost depends on the hours rented between departure from the studio and back to the studio. NTD500 per hour for a 6-seat van; NTD600 per hour for a 9-seat van. Minimum rental hour: is 6 hours; NTD2000 for long-range driving time over 1.5 hours.
Special-designed gowns for photo shoot- NTD8000~12000 per wedding gown and NTD5000~8000 per evening gown
Mailing fee will be cash on delivery (see details)
Renting gowns from 2 & 3 floor for wedding day- NTD6000~9000 per wedding gown and NTD4000~7000 per evening gown
Special-designed gowns for wedding day- NTD12000~25000 per wedding gown and NTD5000~8000 per evening gown
One additional day for photographin makeup and hair style NTD 18000
One additional dress and hair style for photographin NTD 8000
Videotape on photographing day NTD 20000
Candid shooting for 9 hours on photograping day NTD 12000
Seamless cardboard album NTD 6500
Above service charge shall be paid by customers
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