Wedding photography
Outdoor photo shooting for 1-2 hours at wedding day.
Choose extra wedding dress and three evening dresses
Choose 60 photo files in a hand-made 12 inches album(see image).
from Store A(see image) & Store B(see image) for NTD 18000.
Chosen 60 photos with graphic editing & UV moisture proof processing(see image).
NTD 9000 could be deducted if hand-made album is not chosen.
Chosen 60 photos files stored in a CD(see image).
Image editing does not include facial retouching. However,
Keep all photo files.
each image facial retouching could be done for NTD 200.
Extra photo editing and printing for NTD 200.
Price does not include transportation.
Wedding photography during the banquet. Extra time for NTD 5000.
NTD 3000 for a appointed photographer.
Prices shown above are for Taipei City & New Taipei City. Price to
NTD 100 for change of photo files while editing.
other cities could be different.
NTD 3000 will be charged if large-scale lighting equipment
is needed when shooting for family portrait or group photos.
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